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  • Kurita, K. (2021). Chapter 7: Daigaku kyōiku kaihatsuron [Teaching development in higher education].
    In Division of Active Learning and Teaching, Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence (KOMEX), The Universty of Tokyo (Ed.) Tōkyōdaigaku no active learning: Online deno jugyōjisshi to shien [Active learning and teaching at the University of Tokyo: Case studies of classroom and online teaching] (pp. 89-102). University of Tokyo Press. A5 / 210 pages / 2,970 JPY tax included (2,700 JPY tax excluded)
    (The book provides a detailed description of how the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo implements active learning methods in conducting classes and promotes student learning by showing specific cases of classes and support systems, and presents the necessity of using this method. The latest courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo would help you to examine how to deliver/support classes taking place in classrooms and online. For more details, please click the following URL. http://www.utp.or.jp/book/b555753.html)
  • Nakamura, N. & Kurita, K. (Eds.). (2021). Interactive teaching jissen-hen 1: Manabi wo unagasu jugyōsekkei: class design no sahō to jitsurei [Interactive teaching practice 1: Class design that promotes learning: class design methods and cases]. Kawai Publishing. 120 pages
    (The practices of “Interactive Teaching Academy” have been compiled in a book that carefully explains how to design a class period in specific cases.)
  • Kurita, K. (Supervisor), Yoshida, R., & Horiuchi, T. (Eds.). (2017). Hakase ni nattara dō ikiru? 78mei ga kataru career path [How do you live your life after receiving a PhD? Career paths described by 78 people]. Benseisha Publishing.
    (Fifteen UTokyo FFP alumni respectively conducted interviews with five senior researchers in their academic fields on their career paths. The book is a document of the interviews, illustrating various career paths. It also provides an overview of doctoral courses and life plans. For more details, click here.)
  • Kurita, K., & Japan Center for Educational Research and Innovation (JCERI). (2017). Interactive teaching [Interactive teaching]. Kawai Publishing. 233 pages
    (It is a book that provides instructions on how to teach, based on the basic contents of an online course “Interactive Teaching” with newly added materials. Click here to view videos.)


  • Volunteers of the UTokyo FFP alumni “The first step to enrich your campus life”
    (UTokyo FFP program and the Japanese Language Classroom, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology co-organized a workshop on the problems faced by overseas students at the University of Tokyo, and created a leaflet based on its outcomes. Click here to download the leaflet. *In Japanese)