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I am a graduate student at University of Tokyo. Could I apply for FFP while on a leave?

Yes, you can. You can receive the certificate if you complete the program with a certain level of marks receive a completion certificate. However, you may not earn the credit for the course.

I am a student at another university (or institute of higher education). Could I participate in FFP?

We are sorry to say no. UTokyo FFP is for graduate students and faculty and staff in the University of Tokyo.

I work at the University of Tokyo, but I am not a young faculty member. How could I apply for FFP?

If you are a member of the University of Tokyo faculty or staff, you are welcome to apply along with the other students. You will be given a completion certificate if you meet our criterion of completion. You are also welcome to UTokyo FFP as an observer.

Can I receive a certificate if I complete UTokyo FFP?

In order to receive a certificate of completion, you must attend the pre-workshop, the University Education Development course, and the post-workshop, while also completing the program with a certain level of marks

What is the schedule for the program?

In principle, UTokyo FFP is held four courses per a year. Please see this page for current schedule.

What language is the program taught in?

This program is provided in Japanese.

How is the assignment workload?

There are assignments, though not for each and every class. There is variation to the assignments. Some require 10 minutes, while others require one to two hours. Preparation for demonstrating a mock class demands the most time. According to feedback from participants, the assignment workload was not so excessive.

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