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About UTokyo FD


Recent reforms in higher education require faculty members to refine their teaching skills, and universities to provide rich learning environments. Since 2011, the University of Tokyo’s Education Planning Office has reassessed the present status of FD and has held discussions from a university-wide perspective addressing the future of FD. In the University of Tokyo’s mid-term vision (FOREST 2015, the University of Tokyo’s Action Scenario, revised 2011), revised in AY2011), we clearly stated a goal of formulating and effectively promoting policies for implementing FD including the following four initiatives.

  • Stipulate the University of Tokyo’s FD philosophy and earn university-wide approval.
  • Clarify the present status of FD through organizational surveys (targeting faculty in particular) in each department and provide regular feedback to each department.
  • Promote pre-FD for graduate students and FD for young educators as a university-wide project, since a university-wide rather than a department-wise approach is more effective.
  • Share our FD programs nationwide.